About SI

Southernhem Industris Sdn Bhd (SI) is in the business of manufacturing and supply of quality Ductile Iron and Gray Cast Iron products mainly for potable water and sewage distribution system. Additionally, SI has facilities to undertake special casting involving cast steel, High-alloy cast irons and non-ferrous metal e.g. aluminum, which are basically for engineering replacement parts.
Southernhem Industris Sdn Bhd (SI) was incorporated in 2001. Even though still at a tender age, SI has already penetrated the west Malaysian including Brunei Darussalam’s market and since then has begin to play a major role in supporting the State’s primary and secondary industries e.g steel mills, oil palms, bricks, concrete and timber.
Southernhem Industries Sdn Bhd (SI) aggressive marketing reinforced by competitive pricing, high quality, prompt delivery and personalized services have collectively molded the foundation for continuous growth for the company.
Apart from this, Southernhem Industries Sdn Bhd (SI) has dedicated machineries to perform delicate finishing tasks e.g grinding, machining to size, shaping, milling and drilling.
Southernhem Industries Sdn Bhd (SI) testing facilities comprise of compression machine capable of imparting up to 100 Mt compressive loads for manhole strength testing purpose. For water leak tightness test of fittings & bends, a hydrostatic testing machine capable of exerting up to 40 Bar hydrostatic pressure is commissioned.
A Material test laboratory has also been established. Material strength and microscopic analyses are carried out on a routine basis to ensure consistency in product quality.

Introduction to Ductile Iron
The traditional grey iron tends to be brittle and thus could not find much use in modern application which requires higher impact resistance, tensile strength, toughness etc. In view of this, improvement in the field of cast iron has come up with a new material which is part of a group of materials which can be produced to have a wide range of properties through control of the microstructure, the Ductile Iron (Spheroidal graphite iron).



Graphite in Nodular Structure

Product Advantage
Ductile iron has properties much superior than the earlier forms of iron which provides;
a. Greater resistance to impact caused by moving vehicles
b. Possesses high strength which give rise to resistance to fatigue and also pressure surges which could arise from ground subsidence or second-comer damage
c. Resistance to permeation or degradation by organic contaminants in the soils thus ensures minimal water pollution.
d. Good machining characteristic

Method of use
Ductile iron can find its use in wide range of application ranging from small to large diameter pipelines for transmission and distribution mains for potable or sewage installation, or serves as a high strength anchored jointing systems for areas prone to ground movement and also other major civil works.
Quality Assurance
Control undertaken on major molten chemical composition and maintained throughout the production batches as to ensure consistency in melt quality. Chemical compositions are checked at every melt and test sample are prepared for Mechanical testing to ensure that the strength requirement is achieved. Minimum grade 420/12 for fittings & Grade 500/7 for manhole tops.
In addition, our products are design and produce according to QMS ISO9001:2008 are tested and certified by IKRAM QA Service (3rd Party Certification body) and listed in SURUHANJAYA PERKHIDMATAN AIR NEGARA (SPAN) on a periodical basis.