Broken iron parts? Unable to purchase replacement? Need a new unique design? Different material? Don’t worry, we do provide Special Casting Service!

What is Special Casting?

Special Casting is unique design and material which are cast specially for customer to meet their requirement, and also available in wide range of industry’s needs. We are able to cast Ductile Iron, Cast iron, Steel, Copper and aluminum.

Broken iron parts are often hardly to purchase a replacement due to rare and low market request and some are even no replacement available. It’s a big wastage of buying a whole new unit of machine if only because of a single broken piece. Therefore, here we are able to cast according to the broken pieces sample that you provide.

Creating and invent your own design are great but unable to find a suitable size and shape for your project? You are welcome to providing us your design and specification, we will to cast according to your favorite design.

Custom Molds are kept and take care well in our molds library for return customer.  Permanent Special casting will be offer to anyone who interested for long term supply. Please feel free to drop us an email for any inquiry!