In view of the current competitive market, the management committee has set the following quality objectives with the aim of enhancing company’s competitive edge. These objectives and targets shall be established at company level and shall be systematically reviewed and/or revised accordingly during management review.

The quality objectives set are;

REDUCE COST – Purchasing Section ( Admin Dept )

The first stage of this objective shall be carried out by means of continually reducing operation cost. The operation shall be measured on the basis of cost per kg of product produced. This measurement is critical as it forms the basis of product pricing. It is also considered timely as current market puts higher priority on pricing in their product selection criteria.

Target : Achieved product unit cost of RM2.50 per kg

SPEEDING UP DELIVERY – Production Control Section ( Admin Dept )

This has always been a negative remarks by some customers but it a lot of case, depends very much on payment, customer order date, types of products, requirement for pattern works, etc. Nevertheless, the company believes that further improvement can be achieved and steps are being undertaken to rectify the matters.

Target  : Achieved at least 30% of delivery per work order after 2 weeks from

work order issue date.

IMPROVE QUALITY TESTING – Quality Control Department

Products used to convey water e.g. fittings and valves shall be tested for water leakage. Such leakages would indeed be detrimental to our customers. Hence, all leakage identified must be rectified immediately. While the leakage occurrence cannot be predicted, the only measure is to ensure that all these products are tested accordingly.

Target : Achieved PASS rate 100% Hydrostatic Test.

REDUCE ACCIDENT AT PRODUCTION – Personnel Section ( Admin Dept )

Employees are the most valuable asset of the company. Staff and operators that work

related to product quality especially at manufacturing process are open to risk related to

unawareness and accident. The management is very aware and caring about this by

providing suitable protective personnel equipment.


Target :  ZERO (0) ACCIDENT at production area which lead to medical leave.


– Production Department.

Besides employees and material, machineries also play vital parts in production yield

(output ). All critical machineries have been identified and controlled to ensure their

breakdown time is minimal and will not affect line stops.

Target :  Schedule Machineries Preventive Maintenance conducted 80 % as


IMPROVE PRODUCT QUALITY – Human Resources ( Admin Dept )

Employees performing work affecting product quality. Human Resource shall be providing training to satisfy these needs and to maintain appropriate records of  education, training, skill and experience. This are ensure that its employees are aware of their tasks and contribute to the achievements of the product quality objectives.

Target : Achieved 20 Hours training per year.